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Flint Hills - Wet Spring

Tips on Caring for Your Fine Art

  • Always carry a framed piece by holding onto the sides with both hands; never lift frame by the top.
  • Transport framed pieces face up (preferably wrapped in bubble wrap or a blanket). Lying face down puts stress on the paper hinges and pastel works should not lie against the glass.
  • Keep your art out of direct sunlight. The effect of light is cumulative and will fade pigments over time.
  • Do not hang artwork in a bathroom -- it's too humid.
  • When cleaning the glass on a framed piece, spray the cloth first, then wipe. Do not spray glass as the cleaner could run down into the matting.
  • Art placement in your home should be relative to the furniture nearby. A rule of thumb for wall pieces is that the center point of the work should be 60-62" from the floor. Exceptions to this rule should take into account the furniture height it is placed above. Most art in homes is usually placed too high.




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