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Landscape Painting Gallery

I have painted the landscape for many years and continue to be inspired by beauty in the commonplace. I work in soft pastels because I like the directness of the material.

Soft pastels are sticks of pure pigment and can be very intense in color since there is no media applied or mixed to dilute them. They can be applied in a loose drawing technique or more heavily applied to the paper and can even be mistaken for oil paintings.

I have recently sold many of my landscape paintings. If you see anything that you like in the archive gallery, you can always request a similar commissioned work.

Moving On The Old Way

Quiet Day by the Kaw High Summer-Orkney Point Bar Early Morning - River's Edge

Lost in the Clouds Pitter Patter The Stones' Memory December Sunrise


Archive Gallery: Landscapes

Bog, Loch, Sea


Island Home

Into Rainy Day: Little Sparta

Harvest Moon Rising

Kaw River Sand Bar

St. Mary's Loch

Norwegian Wood

Morning Fog Rising

Kaw River Autumn

The Road Home

Flint Hills - Solitude

October Afternoon

Wet Spring

Late Summer Evening








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